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Land Development and Investment throughout England & Scotland


We are a specialist land development company. 


We buy land conditionally and unconditionally. We obtain the relevant planning approvals for master-planned communities as well as smaller developments. Sometimes we promote the land on behalf of landowners and share the uplift in value that we have added upon the sale of the land. We also form joint ventures on certain projects.


We work with homebuilders and landowners to bridge the gap often created between their different aspirations and timescales. We have the expertise and a wealth of knowledge to deliver a diversity of schemes that satisfy the requirements of stakeholders and partners.


We are passionate about land, flexible in our development approach and exercise sound business principles. 



Landvest buys land with or without planning permission that may be suitable for development. 

Joint Ventures

Landvest will sometimes participate in joint venture opportunities with owners and equity partners. 


Landvest has established a business platform that allows us to source, acquire and entitle land, preparing the asset for sale to UK’s top homebuilders


This is a snapshot of just some of the Current and Past Sites that Landvest has an investment in

About Us

Landvest deals with some of the top names in the UK property industry:


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