Land Purchase & Strategic Land

Landvest buys land with or without planning permission that may be suitable for development.


Our teams use their experience and local knowledge to search the UK for potential sites which can be developed into homes. As well as local knowledge, they have the expertise to deal with all aspects of planning and development and issues which may arise, including remediation and treatment of contaminated land to allow development. We work regularly with both Private and Public Sector Organisations.


In some cases we will make an immediate payment to an owner so that the owner can pay essential debts that threaten legal proceedings or repossession of the land.


Landvest also buys strategic land for future development. This is land that may or may not be designated  in the local plan for development. In these instances Landvest will look to either take an option on the land or a JV with the owner and in some cases make an advance payment to the owner with the balance paid at some future date.


If you own land or property, regardless of size and location that you think may be suitable for development or believe your site has good long term potential and you would like to sell it or JV with Landvest we are always interested in hearing from you. Agents will be happily retained !


  • Land with or without planning permission
  • England & Scotland
  • Strategic Land
  • Quick decisions 
  • Swift exchange and completion
  • Flexible options
  • Very experienced Team
  • Agents retained
  • Introduction fees paid

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Landvest buys land with or without planning permission that may be suitable for development. 

Joint Ventures

Landvest will sometimes participate in joint venture opportunities with owners and equity partners. 


Landvest has established a business platform that allows us to source, acquire and entitle land, preparing the asset for sale to UK’s top homebuilders


This is a snapshot of just some of the Current and Past Sites that Landvest has an investment in

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Landvest deals with some of the top names in the UK property industry:


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